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My  profession is to imagine textile materials in terms of texture and color for clothing, interior decoration, household linen, etc...

I intervene upstream of styling, with a pencil, an eraser and my computer. Sometimes I still work the old-fashioned way with gouache or ink boards.

I work in collaboration with designers, designers and craftsmen. My activity is based on audacity, innovation, the search for tomorrow's trends, colors and shapes.

Granddaughter of weavers, daughter of seamstress, trained in Saint Luc Tournai, I also followed the textile course

  in Design at the Center for Arts and Industry.

Today,  I am no longer content to just designate my textiles, I also take on the role of stylist.  I draw my patterns and finish at the end of the chain with the confection.

A long work of creation and making, but which I love.

The Pamplemousse workshop has thus become a designer brand in the field of clothing and decoration since June 2021.

Why this name? 
During a trip to Mauritius I visited the Jardin de Pamplemousses, a magnificent place which is home to hundreds of rare exotic essences from all over the world. This place is a bit like my workshop, unique creations, colorful and inspired by my many travels.



L’atelier Pamplemousse est ainsi devenue une marque créateur dans le domaine de l’habillement et de la décoration depuis juin 2021. Certifié par le SFP Economie depuis juillet 2023.

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